Fortune and misfortuneLong long ago, a family of divination lived near the border in a kingdom. The father read a day and day. The mother collected vegetables and corns from their land to live. Their boy, Qing fed a horse at the back of their house. At the beginning and ending of every day Qing filled the manger with grasses and water, sometimes grains. In his free time Qing combed his horse with thousands of words streaming out. Then he rode his horse to somewhere new that they had never been to before.All things went fine except that one day Qing found the rope used to tie his horse broken. “He’s gone. He left me.” Qing muttered to himself staring at the manger with feed spilled out. His friends tapped him with noticeable sights. “He must be in surrounding state. I can’t get him back.” Qing stepped on the tracks of his missing horse.“Maybe it’s not a bad thing.” Qing’s dad came up to his right in silence.” It’ s tea time”.Days without his horse seemed to be longer. For several months Qing kept cleaning up the manger every day though nothing was needing that. In a day of pink sunsets Qing’s mother called out from the land “It’s back! Qing, it comes back!” stopping nailing the fences Qing turned to his mother. She was walking back petting his dreaming horse. “It ran to find his friend. It’s another strong horse.” “The new one looks slightly taller, right?” Qing’s friend came to watch the horses. “Probably a misfortune comes.” Qing’s dad leaning against the fences.Keeping two strong horses Qing spent more time riding around until the misfortune attacked him. In a dark cloudy afternoon, he fell off from the new horse whose front-left foot was stuck in by a nail the way back home. Before the day ended, Qing’s mom bandaged his broken left leg. His dad removed the nail with pliers.” Not that bad.” He put the nail into his toolbox.For a whole year Qing fed his two shapely horses but he never rode anymore. It’s a yeFor a whole year Qing fed his two shapely horses but he never rode anymore. It’s a year of misfortune for him. Just after his unlucky year all boys in the kingdom met their bad luck, the battle needing their lives. The war between their kingdom and its neighbor had forced thousands of boys to leave their home risking their lives except Qing. Thanks to his broken left leg the military didn’t need a drag. They took their horses for labor leaving Qing and his families dismissively.